Services for individuals

We help individuals meet their financial planning objectives. Our services include investments, protection, tax planning and estate planning.
Financial planning

Do you need help building, managing and protecting your wealth for the future? Our expert team are here to help you start your planning for the future.

Our aim is to give you financial peace of mind, and also help you realise your objectives. With our in depth financial planning expertise, we can create a financial plan designed to suit your individual circumstances, aspirations and financial goals. We have an experienced team of financial planners to suit your needs and help you plan for the future.

Investing can be a good way to build for the future and avoid the impact of inflation eroding the value of your wealth.

We advise on a range of investment solutions from multi asset funds, managed portfolios through to fully bespoke discretionary fund management. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, our expert team can assist.

Our team take the time to understand your financial objectives and ensure your investment strategy meets your needs. Our investment recommendations will be based upon your individual circumstances, including the level of funds available for investment and your attitude to risk.

Investment and wealth management
Personal insurance protection

When an unexpected illness or injury affects everyday life it can lead to devastating financial consequences for both individuals and families.

To ensure your financial security, it is important for you to protect against these events. We can help you put suitable solutions in place in order to protect you, your family and your business.

As Independent Financial Planners, we have access to the whole market and can find the most suitable solution for you.

Have you given any thought to your tax position, including your assets?

Our financial planners can help you integrate tax planning into your financial plan, to help you meet your financial goals. We use a range of mainstream tax planning strategies to structure our clients’ assets tax efficiently, whilst also retaining flexibility to adapt to future changes.

By having an effective tax strategy you will have more money available to help achieve your financial goals, and the effect of this over time can be very significant.

Tax planning
Retirement and pension planning

You should have a retirement plan that suits your financial circumstances and investment preferences, including your goals and ambitions for your future.

Our financial planners are able to help with both building and managing your retirement assets, as well as providing advice on how to best access these at the point you wish to start your journey into retirement, through retirement and into later life.

If you require it, we can also help you to consider Inheritance Tax and long-term care planning.

Have you considered what legacy you wish to leave behind? How about what Inheritance Tax liability may be due on your estate?

Balance is important and our team of expert financial planners will work with you to action a plan that ensures your estate is tax efficient, whilst enabling you to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones.

Estate and intergenerational wealth planning
Our charges for individuals

Professional financial advice should pay for itself through the positive outcomes you experience. 

Our services are designed to support you through your financial journey, whatever stage you are currently at. 

To provide value for money, we have ensured our charges continue to be competitive.

Case studies

Find out how we have helped a selection of our clients meet their needs and objectives.

How do we do it?

Our processes ensure we maintain the highest standards and continue to deliver suitable outcomes for our clients.