Investment and wealth management for individuals

Investing is a core component of financial planning, and the right investment strategy can help you to secure your financial future. Although, this takes careful planning and consideration.

A financial planner can help you navigate the complexities of investing, so you can achieve your objectives whilst avoiding your wealth being eroded by inflation and taxes.

How we can help you

Whether you are a seasoned investor or are investing for the first time, we can help you. As chartered independent financial planners, we have access to the whole market and can build an investment strategy tailored to your objectives and preferences.

Your portfolio can be managed in a range of ways.

  • Multi-asset funds  – a diversified investment mix of equities, bonds, and property that is based on your risk profile.
  • Managed portfolios – multiple individual funds combined into one portfolio, aligned with your risk profile.
  • Bespoke discretionary fund management – if you have significant funds to invest, you can opt for a fully bespoke portfolio that is actively managed by a discretionary fund manager.

We regularly review portfolios to ensure:

  • the asset allocation delivers value while spreading risk;
  • the investment mix is appropriate;
  • opportunities in the market are identified;
  • the best possible returns for your chosen level of risk; and
  • taxes are minimised when you access your returns.

Our process

Our philosophy emphasises long-term commitment to create a well-rounded strategy for your future.

The recommendations we propose will be based on your objectives, attitude to risk, and investment preferences you have (such as ethical and sustainability considerations) and the level of funds you wish to invest. Supporting this is our investment committee who, with their breadth of combined experience, regularly evaluate the performance of our investment solutions and make corrections where necessary.

Your financial planner will continue to review your portfolio throughout your ongoing relationship with us, providing you with the peace of mind that you are on course to achieve your financial objectives.

You will be provided with a full breakdown of charges to agree prior to the commencement of any work.

1. Identify

Your financial planner will work with you to identify your risk profile, objectives and investment preferences.

2. Implement

Your financial planning support team will carry out thorough research to implement the recommended investments into your bespoke financial plan. 

3. Review

If featured in your service agreement, your financial planner will periodically discuss your circumstances with you and identify any changes that impact the position of your portfolio.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to find out more.

Investments provide you with an opportunity to increase your wealth and achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Whilst there are risks, and values can go down as well as up, long term investments can help you avoid inflation eroding the value of your capital.

Investing allows you to put your assets to work and creates the potential for profit. Different asset classes create different levels of risk and return potential. Also, investment gives you the potential, over time, to create ‘real’ returns above inflation, which can  increase your wealth. Investments can also provide you with income. Therefore, depending on how much you choose to invest, you may be able to supplement your income, or accumulate returns to create further growth.

The best place to start is your objectives. Outlining these will provide you with structure and a timeframe for expected returns.

Secondly, you must understand your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. Different investment classes have varying degrees of risk associated. It is important you avoid taking too much or too little risk.

Once you understand these factors, you can begin to consider which asset classes to invest in.

This is a measure of the extent to which you can afford to suffer loss on a proposed investment. For example, whether you have enough income and assets to maintain a suitable standard of living even if your investments perform badly.

It is investing in different asset classes and markets to balance risk.

The benefit of asset diversification is that if some of your investments fall in value, you will have other assets to provide balance. This reduces the volatility of your portfolio and makes it more stable.

Choosing to invest ethically is the act of creating a filter for the selection of your investments. The investments that are deemed ethical will entirely depend on the investor according to their personal views.

There are several methodologies, including ESG investing.

Ethical and sustainable investments do not typically experience a trade off in terms of the level of return you may receive. In fact, these investments can perform better or worse than traditional counterparts, depending on market conditions and sentiment.

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