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Welcome to our podcast series, titled In the know, where our expert team talk through important financial planning and employee benefit topics.

The purpose of this podcast is to help you understand why everyone is financially unique, what your relationship with money is and how this is influenced. We hope that by making these discussions accessible, you are able to make more informed decisions moving forward.

Throughout this series, our discussions will feature many of our expert team, trusted professionals from other disciplines, as well as other featured guests.

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Episodes 1 – 7

The first episodes of our podcast series focus on our ‘7 Concepts of Financial Planning‘.  

Episode 1 – Concept 1 (You)

Everyone is financially unique and financial planning needs to be tailored to you.

You are financially unique – how your assets have been accumulated, where they are held and what you want to do with them is unique to you. Your objectives, attitudes, preferences and timescales will also be unique.

Join our Managing Director, Mark Brown, as he discusses this concept with Director and Independent Financial Planner, Neil Clarke.


Episode 2 – Concept 2 (How much)

Understand how much money you need and whether you have enough.

Knowing the amount of assets you will need to meet your requirements, objectives and aspirations over the course of your lifetime and after you are deceased enables you to understand where you currently are in relation to this and how to plan accordingly.

Join our Managing Director, Mark Brown, as he discusses this concept with Business Development Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Sarah Maguire.


Episode 3 – Concept 3 (Time and expertise)

How much time do you want to spend managing your assets and are they currently organised to reflect this?

Managing your assets/wealth takes time, knowledge and expertise. How much time you spend will be determined by where your assets are held and how involved you are and want to be in their management…

Join our Managing Director, Mark Brown, as he discusses this concept with Divisional Director and Independent Financial Planner, Kerry Holmes.

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