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We help businesses to meet their requirements. Our services include workplace pensions, employee benefits and insured benefits.
Workplace pension for businesses

Workplace pensions can be complex and require a degree of balance. The solution you provide should meet your legal requirements and the needs of your employees.

Our independence means we have access to the whole market and can help your business implement a suitable workplace pension scheme.

If you are concerned about employee engagement, our expert team can assist with this too.

Do your employees value the employee benefits you offer? 

Offering the right benefits can ensure high morale and assist employee acquisition and retention. However, if your team do not engage with the benefits your business provides, you are effectively wasting money.

We understand that no two businesses are the same. The benefits, or programme of benefits, you choose to offer should therefore be built around your business’s objectives and values, the needs and priorities of your employees, and your budget.

Employee benefits for businesses
Insured benefits for businesses

Insured benefits can help your business to maintain continuity and protect the financial security of your employees in the event they are unable to work.

Our expert team take the time to fully understand your business and employees, before working with you to implement cost-effective insurance solutions. We are independent and therefore untied to any specific provider, ensuring we help you integrate the insured benefits best suited to your business and employees.

Left unaddressed, poor financial wellbeing can detrimentally impact your employee motivation, productivity, and absenteeism.

Resultantly, financial education and wellbeing support has become an essential component of modern employee benefits packages. 

As financial education and wellbeing needs differ within every workforce, we can work with you to provide tailored solutions for your employees – either as a group or on a 1-to-1 basis.

Financial wellbeing for businesses
Financial planning for businesses

Does your business or management team require expert financial advice?

We work with businesses to provide financial planning that meets the needs and objectives of their organisation.

Our solutions are tailored around the specific needs of your organisation and workforce. 

We understand that it can be difficult to balance the cost of suitable arrangements with the needs of your workforce.

It is important to get this right, however, and our expert team are here to help.

Our charges are set at competitive rates, to ensure you can implement the right solutions cost-effectively.

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Find out how we have helped a selection of our clients meet their needs and objectives.

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Our processes ensure we maintain the highest standards and continue to deliver suitable outcomes for our clients.