Moving towards the new normal


Following the escalation of measures announced by the government in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we swiftly revised our working arrangements for the continued operation of our business. 

We are pleased with how this enabled us to communicate with and continue to provide a service to our clients.

As we move beyond the lockdown phase, we are phasing a return to some office-based working after undertaking the necessary risk assessments and following government guidelines.

During lockdown we have all adapted to a different lifestyle and we appreciate that some of our clients will want the distancing arrangements to continue for their safety and/or convenience.

Going forward we will support our clients to suit through all forms of communication, including electronic, paper, video, phone and face to face.

Where possible we will communicate electronically, by phone or video; as this will be the safest, most efficient and environmental way of dealing with you. However, should you require paper based or face to face communication we will support this where we can. We hope to return to face to face meetings as soon as safely possible.

Most importantly, regardless of how we communicate with you, we will continue to look after your best interests and work with you to achieve your financial objectives.

A significant part of what we do is driven by our independence, continually assessing and reviewing the product providers, investment managers and insurers we use for the benefit of our clients. This combined with keeping pace with a rapidly changing economic, social and political environment, which we expect to have a profound impact on our taxation system over time. 

At any time, this independence and the ability to objectively assess performance and adjust arrangements is important. In times like these it becomes essential.

If, as a consequence of these recent events you have reconsidered or revised your financial plans, please do take the time to speak with us in order that we can advise on the implications of this, re-align your arrangements where required or just re-assure you that this will not give rise to any issues.

Should you have any requirements or simply want to discuss your arrangements, you can use your normal point of contact or contact us centrally by calling 01603 706820 or via email at


Offering support


To support our clients, professional connections and wider community through these challenging times, we have provided below some links to key information and updates which we believe may be of value to you.  Be aware that as these are external sources we cannot guarantee their accuracy.




For the investment of our clients’ assets, we work on a best of breed basis and select the appropriate investment management strategy for each individual client and their financial planning time frame.

During these times of economic uncertainty, we have provided links below to the views of some of the specialist investment managers we work with: 


Debt advice


Listed below are some helpful resources, with information linked to debt advice.

Scam awareness


It is important to continue to be vigilant against potential scams. Below are some helpful sources of information to help you avoid scams.

Support for businesses and charities


The government has set aside a significant budget to support businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You can find supporting material linked below.

For charities:


Workplace pensions


The government said it will do “whatever it takes” to support employers through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, it has been confirmed that there are no changes to automatic enrolment regulations. This includes reenrolment and declarations of compliance. As such, both the Government and the Pensions Regulator both expect employers to meet their AE duties towards their staff.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme


The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, has been established for employers who cannot cover staff costs due to COVID-19. Qualifying employers will be able to claim a grant of up to 80% of wage for all employment costs, up to a cap of £2,500 per month per employee, reducing to 70% or £2,187.50 a month in September and then lowering to 60% or £1,875 in October. The scheme closes on 31st October.

Employees who fall into this scheme are referred to as ‘furloughed workers’.

Furloughed workers would be kept on your payroll rather than being laid off.  If you intend to access this scheme, further details can be found here:

Further guidance for employees, employers and businesses can be found here:

Employment law


General information in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)


Keeping up to date


We would urge you to keep up to date with the public health information and guidance provided by the government at this time. However, we will update this page as required to ensure its accuracy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

In relation to Lucas Fettes Financial Planning and our ability to meet the needs of our clients, be assured that we have actioned a strong continuity plan at this time and we shall continue to work to minimise disruption.

For helpful financial planning resources, news and articles, please visit the resources section of our website. 

We hope you find this information helpful. If you would like more information, or would like to discuss a financial planning matter, please get in contact by calling 01603 706820. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at


Important information

The content of this page is solely for informational purposes and nothing in it is intended to constitute advice or a recommendation. You should not make any investment decisions based on its content. The impact of taxation (and any tax relief) depends on individual circumstances. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and it may not always be possible to receive back the sum initially invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future investment returns.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by third parties.



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