In this edition of our guides we are focusing on some of the main elements of personal insurance protection.

The average UK household is only 24 days away from the breadline should their main earner become critically ill or suddenly pass away, according to Legal and General. Have you considered what will happen if you become ill for a prolonged period or were to pass away?

Personal insurance protection policies are forms of insurance intended to help you plan against the unexpected. There are many solutions available, each designed for different people and circumstances. The solutions you choose should
reflect your personal circumstances and what you want to protect.

UK households are four times more likely to insure their pet than themselves. It is clear that a lack of financial resilience is a considerable concern. In this guide, we outline and explain some of the personal insurance protection solutions available. Each of which can provide you with peace of mind, should an unexpected event occur.

This guide will cover some of the reasons you may wish to take out protection insurance as well as:

  • What personal protection is,
  • The options available,
  • The process of taking out a policy,
  • How a financial adviser will be able to guide you throughout this process.

At Lucas Fettes Financial Planning, we believe that protecting against an unexpected event is essential and we offer a range of options to protect you and your family. Our expert team are on hand to help you choose suitable arrangements, so your family is protected should the unexpected occur. If you would like more information, please call 01603 706 820 or email


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