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Achieve financial peace of mind

At Lucas Fettes Financial Planning, we aim to provide you with financial peace of mind through the development and implementation of a personal financial plan that will help you achieve your financial objectives.

We believe that professional financial advice should pay for itself, through the positive outcomes that result. Therefore, our core services are designed to support you through your financial journey, whatever stage you are currently at. 

To help reduce the advice gap and make professional guidance more accessible, we have priced our services to ensure they provide value for money. We have made these fees available below to provide transparency throughout your relationship with us.

Effective solutions, trusted advice

Our services have been trusted by clients for over 40 years, with many of these individuals remaining with us for a considerable amount of time.

We understand that for many, obtaining financial advice can appear confusing, expensive and something that you may not wish to commit to immediately. As such, you might wish to sign up for a no fee, no obligation, consultation with one of our financial planners to see how you could benefit from expert financial planning.  

Initial and one-off advice

During our initial conversation with you, we will seek to get to know you personally and develop a clear understanding of your financial circumstances, goals and aspirations. This will support our work and enable us to deliver a more personal financial planning service.

After a no obligation, no fee initial consultation, if we have determined that we can help you we will set out our services and fees for the work required within a letter of engagement. We will ensure that you agree before we undertake any work that incurs cost for you.

We have provided examples to give you some further insight, however, please contact us directly to discuss fees related to other one-off services. Our fees vary dependent on the service you require, and the level of work involved for us.

A financial planner will discuss your options with you, and we will not charge you unless an agreement is reached.

We will typically charge you a planning fee, which is payable once we have undertaken the initial advisory work and not contingent on whether you implement any of our recommendations.

If we subsequently implement recommendations for you, we will charge an implementation fee typically as a percentage of the associated assets. In this scenario, we would offset the planning fee against the implementation fee, so you do not pay both.

Our fees can be invoiced to you directly, deducted from your invested assets or a combination of both depending on your preference.


 *VAT may be payable. Actual fees payable will be based on your circumstances and the work required.


Ongoing advice

Financial planning is a continual process and as such we recommend an ongoing service to maximise the value you get from this and to keep your financial plans on track.

For those who choose to take advantage of ongoing advice, we seek to support your ongoing financial needs throughout your life. We consider your planning objectives, changes in your circumstances and continually ensure adjustments are made when required and that you make best use of available reliefs and tax structures.

Our service categories for ongoing advice are defined below. These are based upon minimum fees per annum. For more information related to these categories, please review our Client Service Options Guide. 


Our ongoing advice fees are typically payable monthly and can be deducted directly from your investments.  

The starting fee is dependent on the value of assets that we manage on your behalf which will determine your service category. You will also have the option of either keeping your fee in line with the value of your assets as a percentage, or fixing the starting fee which will subsequently be increased each year in line with inflation.

Up to £1m


£1m to £2m


Over £2m

By agreement


Assets under advice: £900,000 

£900,000 x 0.6% = £450 per month starting fee. This could either stay as 0.6% of your assets under advice each year payable monthly, or you could fix at 0.6% of your starting assets, increasing by inflation each year.

This would mean you are eligible for our Bespoke ongoing service. 

Assets under advice: £100,000

£100,000 x 0.6% = £50 per month starting fee. This could either stay as 0.6% of your assets under advice each year payable monthly, or you could fix at 0.6% of your starting assets, increasing by inflation each year.

This would mean you are eligible for our Inform ongoing service. 

Lucas Fettes Select

To get the most out of your relationship with us, we would recommend you have an ongoing service. However, we understand that you may want to look after certain aspects of your financial planning yourself, or only require our input as and when you decide. We have therefore created Lucas Fettes Select as a means for you to receive the advice you require without signing up to the fully serviced options above.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss this option further.

If you would like further information about these services and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 706 820. Alternatively, you can email us at info@lffp.co.uk.

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