The Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal

The Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal is our online aggregation service which allows clients to view all of their financial information in one place. We are pleased to offer this to our existing clients that pay for our ongoing service arrangement at no additional cost.

It is available via your PC web browser, as well as IOS and Android devices via our app. You can download the app via the App Store and on Google Play by searching ‘Lucas Fettes’.

This is an invaluable tool which will allow you to assess income and expenditure, provide a snap shot of your current net worth and will allow you to drill down into most assets to obtain more information on specific items.

As this service is non-transactional, information can only go one way (into the site). This is combined with banking level security which helps to ensure the security of your data. The inability to trade means that funds introduced cannot be moved off site. You are able to select what data is available to either a partner or spouse and can hide data from Lucas Fettes Financial Planning should you choose to do so.

Sign up for this service today and gain access to your personal online finance hub.


A comprehensive view 

The Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal brings all your finances into one place, as your personal online finance hub which is fully customisable. Access your income and expenditure breakdown, coupled with investment valuations, property and much more to give a summary of your personal net worth.

Up-to-date valuations
Gain access to up-to-date investment and property valuations so that you are continually informed of the performance of your assets. Detailed breakdowns ensure you know which assets are contributing the most to your net worth.
Set reminders 
Utilise the calendar function to set reminders for your income, payment or renewals schedules to help you manage your key events. Add events such as MOTs, insurance renewals and HMRC payments.
Secure messaging
Make the most of the secure messaging feature to keep in contact with your Lucas Fettes Financial Planning team. Both you and your financial planning team will be able to exchange messages and documentation via secure means. You will receive a notification alert when you receive communications.
Secure document storage
Keep a secure archive of your important documentation, including wills, power of attorney agreements and insurance policies. The Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal ensures that in the event of an emergency you can access the information you need quickly and easily. Your financial planner can also share these documents and reports should you wish them to do so.
Banking level encryption
Data security is of the utmost importance and this service is protected with security features similar to those used by banks, including high-level data encryption. Our mobile app is further protected with your own six-digit pin and registered to your personal device.

Martin Hales - MHA Larking Gowen LLP

“Easy to use and intuitive. Great use of technology to improve client service.

It really is an excellent addition to your client services. The great thing about both the portal and the app is that they are easy to use; not overly complicated . Yes there is work to do in terms of personal population but it’s not a difficult process. Too many Financial Services products are developed without the best interests of the client in mind whereas this is completely the reverse.”

Anonymous client

“As they say – best thing since sliced bread! I have set up the Wealth Management Portal on my computer – and must say how easy this was to do. So interesting to see at a glance how the pension and investments are progressing. I’m impressed.”

Anonymous client

“Thanks for setting me up with access to the Moneyinfo Portal. I think it could be a really useful and valuable tool.”

Anonymous client

“I have had a look at this and it looks very clever.”

Anonymous client

“It would certainly be easier for me to manage things.”

If an emergency situation arises, where will the important details about your assets, liabilities, property and insurances be found? The Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal brings all this information together in a single secure location, with all the associated paperwork, making it easily accessible should it be needed.

The launch of this service is supported by a dedicated helpdesk who will be able to assist you as you begin to use this service and can answer any queries you may have after you get up and running.

Should you wish to use the Lucas Fettes Wealth Management Portal, please speak to your Lucas Fettes financial planner or contact our help desk directly by calling 01733 890 842 or 01603 706 844. Alternatively, you can email

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