We are delighted to have achieved outstanding satisfaction levels following feedback from our clients, based on the results of our recent client survey.

Of the 137 participants, 134 selected either ‘Extremely satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’, with the remaining 3 selecting ‘Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’. There were no respondents who indicated they were ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’.

In addition, 98% of respondents confirmed they would recommend, or have recommended, us to others.

This feedback backs up our previous client survey, which also resulted in 98% client satisfaction.

Individual feedback on our advisory and support teams was also overwhelmingly positive. Some examples are listed below, along with the name of the client’s financial planner:

  • She is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She has been very helpful to me and my son and we would recommend her highly!” (Emma Hannon)
  •  “He has looked after me for many years I trust him explicitly. Excellent service always.” (Stephen Hunter)
  •  “Jeremy is very knowledgeable, and I really value his advice.” (Jeremy Silverstone)
  •  “Kevin has always delivered a superb service and we have a very good rapport with him.” (Kevin Froggatt)
  •  “She is always accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and understands our situation and needs. Always has our best interests at heart.” (Liz Burrows)
  •  “I get on well with Nathan. We discuss everything in depth, and he has given me great advice since he has been my planner.” (Nathan Munt)
  •  “Angela is very knowledgeable and thorough; she provides excellent customer service, and I would recommend her without hesitation.” (Angela Carpenter)
  •  “We have a very trusting relationship, and we thank him for his advice and we both regard him as a family friend.” (Gary Tate)
  •  “I feel like Sarah is part of my family. She has been my adviser for nearly 30 years. Very happy and comfortable relationship.” (Sarah Maguire)
  •  “I value and trust Kerry’s advice” (Kerry Holmes)

Our Managing Director, Mark Brown, commented “Our business is built on the quality of advice and personal service we give to our clients, so we are delighted with these results as an endorsement of this. In a year in which we have been named as ‘Adviser Firm of the Year‘ for both our region and the UK, we believe our approach, based on quality and independence supported by the right people and technologies, is delivering  excellent outcomes for our clients.

We will continue to look for ways to evolve and improve our services to meet the needs of our loyal, long-standing clients, as well as those that will benefit from our advice and services in the future.”

Jane Hudson, Operations Director, added “There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that our clients are perhaps unaware of, supported by our highly experienced client servicing teams and our state of the art back office system. Our support teams underpin the high-quality service we are able to provide to our valued clients and we are very pleased that they have contributed to such overwhelmingly positive client satisfaction feedback.” 

We would like to thank our clients for their ongoing support, as well as our team for their continued dedication and endeavour.


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