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Lucas Fettes Financial Planning advises on a range of investment management solutions and Wealth Management Services in Norwich and the surrounding area. We can support with everything from managed portfolios to fully bespoke discretionary fund management.

We’ll take the time to understand your financial goals and ensure your investment strategy meets your needs. Our investment recommendations will be based upon your individual circumstances, including the level of funds available for investment and your attitude to risk.

We have wealth management and investment experts in all of our offices, so whether you are looking for wealth management advice in Norwich, Peterborough, Chichester, London or Milton Keynes we can help.

Managed portfolios

Managed portfolios are one of the options that your financial planner may recommend. These provide a diversified investment mix of equities, bonds and property.

Portfolios are rated according to their risk potential, so your financial planner will recommend the one most appropriate for you. Broadly speaking, high risk portfolios have greater potential returns over time but also have a higher risk of loss. Low risk portfolios have lower levels of risk, but may deliver lower potential returns.

Portfolios are regularly reviewed to ensure:

  • the strategic asset allocation spreads risk
  • the tactical asset allocation delivers value
  • the investment mix is appropriate
  • opportunities in the market are identified
  • the best possible returns for the level of risk selected.

Find out more about asset diversification.

Bespoke discretionary fund management

If you have significant funds available for investment your financial planner may recommend using a discretionary fund manager to create a bespoke investment portfolio. Your portfolio will be specifically tailored to your circumstances and requirements and actively managed.

We work alongside the discretionary fund manager providing advice on taxation, overseeing your financial planning and monitoring the performance of your investments.

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