Welcome to our “Have you met?” series, where we catch up with members of our team through an informal Q&A.

In this edition, we spoke with Shaun Braybrook, from our Rickinghall (Diss) office, about an array of topics, ranging from his approach to financial planning, to his motivations and taste in music.

Read the short Q&A session below to find out more about Shaun.

About Shaun

Chartered Financial Planner, Shaun Braybrook, has been with Lucas Fettes since 2020, joining as part of Lucas Fettes’ acquisition of Andrew Dickson Limited. Previously, he also worked for Aviva and Knowlden Titlow Financial Services/NW Brown.

What was the reasoning behind your choice to become a financial planner? 

From an early age it became apparent that I was pretty good at managing my finances and economics at school was one of very few subjects that really interested me. Financial advice seemed the most logical way to take it!

Outline your approach to financial planning

I’m a believer in starting early and planning ahead. It’s too common to see new clients needing advice at the point of need, but so much more could have been achieved if they’d walked through the door many years earlier.

What three words best describe Lucas Fettes Financial Planning?

Welcoming, diligent and forward-thinking.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but what are common things most people should consider?

They should consider the implications on those around them when they are no longer around. That may be financial protection or effectively passing on wealth, or even simply educating family about what they have and where and actions that will need to be taken in the event the worst should happen.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I’m a keen (competitive) runner and am part of Wymondham Athletic Club. I enjoy racing and striving for new PBs, although “enjoy” may not always be quite the right word.

Who has inspired you?

Nobody really. I try to inspire myself (and maybe others).

What is your favourite inspiration quote or saying?

“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”.

What music do you enjoy and who are your favourite artists?

I enjoy all sorts really and will listen to most things that Alexa puts on. The most recent gig that I went to (not that I really go to gigs) was McFly!

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a cat called Tiger.

What would your ‘perfect’ trip be?

I always like the idea of somewhere you can go to relax in the sun the whole time, but in reality I would very quickly get bored. How about somewhere with a beach, a city and some snowy mountains in close proximity (if that exists).

What motivates you?

Looking after my family, especially my now 1 year old boy.

If animals could talk, which species would be most interesting and why?

I don’t know about interesting, but I’d like to speak to a Lyrebird. I’m sure it could do some amazing impressions.

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You can find out more about Shaun, including his contact information, through our Our team – consultants page.

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