Charity Trustee investment Management

Charity investment management

We work with charities and not for profit organisations to provide tailored financial planning solutions that meet the needs and objectives of their trustees.

We start by establishing the financial goals of your organisation, working with your trustees to assess your requirements for income and capital, and the timescales for these.

We understand the responsibilities Trustees have under the Trustee Act 2000, which include the need to set clear objectives for funds and chose appropriate performance, risk and time benchmarks for fund managers.

Our services include:

  • agreement of financial goals, timescales and required investment returns
  • initial recommendation and on-going oversight of investment managers
  • agreement of goals based investment strategies and benchmarks
  • tax efficient investments and reviews
  • determining appropriate risk tolerances and benchmarking
  • providing diversification of assets and managers
  • on-going reviews of performance against agreed goals
  • strategic revisions and recommendations to reflect the changing circumstances and needs of the charity.

Useful resources:

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