Asset diversification

Asset diversification is the use of multiple asset classes within an investment portfolio or fund, as opposed to investing in a single class. Asset classes typically include equities (company shares), fixed interest (government gilts and corporate bonds/loans), property funds and alternative investments (e.g. commodities, such as gold and hedge funds).

Diversifying your assets spreads the risk of being overexposed to any single asset class and seeks to manage volatility and deliver returns within an agreed range, time frame, and risk mandate. It does not guarantee higher returns, nor fully protect you against investment losses, but the right asset allocation choices by an investment manager will ensure your portfolio performs in line with expectations to meet your financial planning requirements.

Asset diversification is an essential element of long term financial planning, as it can be matched to the level of investment risk you need to take to achieve your financial requirements and objectives once this has been identified.


Our approach

As Chartered, Independent Financial Planners we are not aligned to a single investment company or product. We work on a best of breed basis and are able to select the investment approach that best fits each client, based solely on their financial objectives, risk profile and time scales.

Through cash flow forecasting we help our clients determine their investment time frame, based on their wider financial objectives, such as retirement income, and carefully select risk-appropriate investments.


How do we select?

We are a Chartered financial planning firm with significant experience, research capability and supporting technology. Our investment committee has over 100 years of industry experience between them, supported by a research team that reviews the performance of our panel of investment managers and solutions on an ongoing basis.


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