Charitable investments are often fundamental to support the capital and income requirements of a charity.

The funds need to be invested in line with the charity’s aims and objectives, ensuring they can be achieved with the minimum amount of risk, whilst considering any restrictions applied to the endowments received.

Trustees have legal duties but moreover will want to ensure they are getting the best outcome for their organisation.

Often, charities and not-for-profit organisations will face challenges with their investments for a number of reasons.The most common difficulties are:

• There is a lack of clear objectives
• They do not have an investment strategy that is built around their objectives
• There is no oversight or benchmarking of the investment management process or performance

It is important that control of your charity’s investments is maintained. This means that your organisation should monitor the performance of investments and make informed decisions based upon this.

If your trustee board does not have the skills and experience for this, you should seek advice from an independent specialist. Advice received should be impartial of the Investment Manager(s) with investment decisions approved by the trustees.

Lucas Fettes Financial Planning are able to offer an independent investment oversight service to ensure the suitability and sustainability of your investments. We can also compare and make recommendations on appropriate Investment Managers.

We are able to offer an initial meeting without charge. This will be undertaken by one of our Financial Planners.

If suitable for your needs Lucas Fettes Financial Planning can also manage assets on an ongoing basis on your organisation’s behalf. The management of these assets will be based on your organisation’s financial circumstances, objectives, and risk requirements. This will be reviewed periodically to ensure the ongoing suitability of the arrangements in place.


Initial investment review and health check


We begin by establishing the financial goals of your organisation, working with your trustees to assess your organisation’s requirements for income and capital, and the timescales for these.

We understand the responsibilities trustees have, which includes the need to set clear objectives for funds and choose appropriate performance, risk and time benchmarks for Investment Managers. We take these factors into account when working with our clients.

The remainder of this fact sheet contains further information on our initial investment review and health check. It is broken down into the following sections:

  • Review of your Investment Manager(s) and strategy
  • Review of your Investment policy statement
  • Investment strategy analysis

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